Gym & Wrestling Room Wall Pads

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Gym & wrestling room wall pads in Standard Polyurethane & Neoprene Class A Fire Rated Wall Pads that meet NFPA 286, including custom wall pads, corner pads, stage pads and more.

All pads available with 1″ nailing lip,  no lip Z-Clip mounting or Velcro attachment. Vinyl available in white, yellow, orange, red, kelly green, forest green, royal blue, marine blue, navy blue, gray, black, maroon, beige, teal and purple.


Standard Polyurethane Wall Pads 

These gym & wrestling room wall pads provide the ultimate protection against minor impact or contact with walls, beams, or columns. Pads are a must behind basketball backstops.

Standard size pads are 6′ x 2′ with 1″ nailing margin on top and bottom of each panel. Nailing margin reduces foam height from 6’ to 5’-10″. Pads are constructed using 2″ thick 3.5-lbs. density polyurethane foam cemented to 7/16″ oriented strand board. Cover material is 14-ounce polyester laminated vinyl stapled to backing every two inches. Vinyl is flame retardant material, which meets NFPA 701, ASTM E84, and CSFM (California State Fire Marshall).

Gym & Wrestling room wall pads

Class A Fire Rated Wall Pads

Gym & wrestling room wall pads with Class A fire rating are constructed using 2” thick CR SafGuard medium fire retardant neoprene foam and meeting NFPA 286  &  ASTM E84 with a Class A rating meeting Flame-Spread Index of 25 or less, and Smoke Development index of 450 or less. Foam is cemented to 7/16” oriented strand board. Cover material is 14-ounce polyester laminated vinyl attached to backing with staples every two inches. Meeting NFPA 286 & ASTM 84, with a Class A rating.

Gym & Wrestling room wall pads

Z Clip Wall Attachment Kit

Provides a convenient and neat alternative for attachment of wood backed wall pads without nailing lips for gym & wrestling room wall pads . This system results in no exposed screws or bolts, and damaged or worn wall pads can be easily replaced. Z-clip at the top and bottom of the pad are secured to the wall with an appropriate attachment method as dictated by building conditions. A second z-clip attached to the back of the wall pad (top and bottom) securely locks the pad in place. Comes in 6 foot lengths, but may be cut to length as required by installer.  Requires drilling in the field. May be used with wall padding, corner pads, and square column pads.


Custom Digital Graphics

Available on all vinyl wall pad products.  A great addition to all gym & wrestling room wall pads


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