Fall Protection Inspections

We provide professional fall protection inspections by trained & experienced technicians.

Fall Protection Inspected:

  • Complete Fall Protection Systems
  • Tie Off Adapters/Trolley – Beam Anchors
  • Manual/Self Retracting Lifelines
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue – Retrieval Devices/Tripods
  • Harnesses/Lanyards

Our inspections include the following:

  • Inspection of complete fall protection systems, including but not limited to bridge stops/fall protection/alignment/visual condition, trolley stops/fall protection/visual condition, runway rail visual condition, gantry crane visual condition, structural hangers/fasteners/welds (visual), operation of all functions/visual condition, clearance of trolleys/bridges/jibs, capacity markings of trolleys/bridges/mono-rails/jibs.
  • Inspection of self-retracting lifelines, including but not limited to impact indicator activation, damage/distortion/cracks to housing/anchoring loop/screws/fasteners/hardware, cuts/burns/tears/abrasion/frays of lifeline, locking action of brake, spring tension/self-retraction, manual-retraction handle/crank/pins/fasteners, labels are secure/legible, we measure the diameter of the wire rope/top hook/bottom hook.
  • Inspection of Harnesses, including but not limited to damage/distortion/sharp edges/burrs/cracks/corrosion of hardware, cuts/burns/tears/abrasions/frays/excessive soiling/discoloration/pulled – cut stiches on webbing/stitching.
  • Inspection of labels, including but not limited to that all labels are securely held in place & legible.
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